The One Story That Matters

Girl reading a storyChristianity is giving you a story of the entire world and human condition. … A story that doesn’t correspond with the way things actually are will bring more devastation, heartbreak and brokenness than actual help.1

The Bible Story and Humanity

The world presents many stories that compete with each other to explain the world and humanity. However, there’s only one story that matters, namely the one told in the Bible. The Bible uniquely interprets all history, creation and the human race. The Bible presents humans as responsible actors in history. It is not just a book of religion. The stories in the Bible are what John Stonestreet refers to as true truth, he says “It’s not true because we believe it. If no one believed it, it would still be true.”1

In a recent podcast, Stonestreet explains three unique interpretations found in the biblical narrative:

  1. The centrality of humanity
  2. The promise of a new creation
  3. Substantive hope in Christ

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LongStoryShortPodcast offers stories that reveal God’s character and his ways. These stories exist so that we can learn to enjoy and trust him. Throughout the Bible we see God actively involved in humanity. The purpose of sharing them is to demonstrate that God is not indifferent or passive, but active and intimately present every day. It’s our desire that these stories help you see God in your own life.

In the end, there is only one story that really matters and that is the one that God is sharing through the Bible. This is significant because this means that the story of Christianity, as John puts it “…describes the human condition as it actually is. It matches the contours of reality itself. It matches the way the world is.”1
1John Stonestreet – President, The Chuck Colson Center and BreakPoint Radio Co-Host