29: Miracles are Just Part of the Story

Miracles are Just Part of the StoryWhen someone says they saw God provide a miracle, what do you think? Maybe they recount how he rescued them from illness, financial difficulty or job loss. God absolutely does those things all the time. Still, real life is made up of a combination of joy, sorrow, fear, pain, suffering, blessing, reward, provision and disruption. All of these intermix to make up a life. Miracles are just part of the story.

Ken & Muggy’s Miracles

Our uncle Ken is a storyteller, so he can tell you hundreds of interesting accounts that would keep you on the edge of your seat. They include heart breaks, redemption, laughter, danger and some absolutely glorious miracles.

Ken’s experience over many years deepened his faith that God is intricately involved through it all. Ken is also the first to say there have been seasons of struggle and questions left unanswered. Among the many stories he tells is how his first wife, as a young adult, wasn’t supposed to live more than a few years following a diagnosis with lupus. And yet, Muggy and Ken ended up married, had a family and spent many years together as best friends. It was a miracle.

Muggy had a beautiful spirit. You sensed it immediately when you met her. She seemed so full of life even through years of battling illness. At one point, she and Ken visited our home as I laid on the couch, struggling to regain my ability to walk, talk and even breathe due to my own life-threatening illness. I vividly recall Muggy anointing me with oil and heart-felt prayers for healing. With deep gratitude, I count that experience as an integral moment in the miracle that ultimately led me to walk again. Yet, it wasn’t all that much later that Muggy lost her own life to the effects of lupus. Life and death, answered prayer and loss, sickness and recovery – these all danced together in a single life.

Waiting & Watching

Life is mysterious, unpredictable, and sometimes even desperate. But it’s also full of blessings, provision, grace, love and, yes, miracles. As Ken shares in his story, God doesn’t promise us the life we planned. He doesn’t show us everything about how he’s intervening. Just glimpses. Ken recalls just taking it one day at a time, doing his best to be obedient while waiting and watching for God to reveal the next step.

Ken’s story inspires us to want to live in the present. It impresses us not to wait, but pray to hear God’s voice every day, along with the strength to keep walking in his direction.

During a particularly challenging season, Ken received some music that deeply spoke to him. He wants to share it with you:


Jeff Piecora, Good Day Gravity