27: One Way-No Left Turn

Dee HowardThanks for checking in for a quick update the next podcast. We’re thrilled to present our friend Dee Howard. Born in Chicago, Dee went from a seemingly perfect suburban family to drugs, gangs and then prison. God never gave up on him though and Dee ended up sharing his stories in a recently published book, One Way, No Left Turn. The stories are inspirational to anyone who thinks they’ve made too many wrong turns in life.

If you follow the podcast, you’ve probably noticed it’s been a while since our last episode. We’ve been busy doing something a little different with Dee’s recording. We’re psyched to introduce our friend Jeff who’s composing music to help dramatize this story. That means an added layer in production, but it’ll be well worth the wait. Between Dee sharing a story from his book and the creative genius of Jeff Piecora, we’re looking forward to bringing this episode your way.

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For now, take a listen to Dee introducing a taste of his story.

Dee Howard