28: Stop the Car

Stop the CarStop the car. Those three words made the difference between life and death for our friend Dorsey, or Dee as we call him. You got an introduction to Dee Howard in podcast 27. When we met him last year, we immediately connected due to our common interest in storytelling. He weaves story into his local cable show, into his work as an author, and in the classroom where he inspires participants toward better choices in life.

Dee openly talks about a number of poor choices he made early on in life. Some of those choices landed him in jail. That wasn’t uncommon for him and his friends who grew up in the infamous Robert Taylor housing project. This area of Chicago was notorious for gangs, drugs and violence.

Dee credits God with saving his life numerous times. He says he’s been given more chances than any of us deserves. He’s thankful, realizing that some people don’t even get one second chance. Recently, he published One Way, No Left Turn, a book about how wrong choices can become addictive and lead to a downward spiral. Dee’s hope is that his experience will help others avoid some of the mistakes he made.

For episode 28, we worked with Dee to record the first chapter of the book. It’s a dramatic story – one that can easily lead to some great discussions about God’s presence in the world. As you listen, consider how God may have been interacting in the lives of each of the characters. While making good choices doesn’t guarantee safety from heartbreaks, Dee’s point is that making continual wrong turns never ends well.

Not only is this a compelling, true story, but it gave us the opportunity to work with our good friend, Jeff Piecora who built an original music score. It’s been a blast to work together with these friends. This podcast is the result of our collaboration. We’d love to hear your reaction. Would you take a few moments to leave a review on iTunes afterward?

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