26: Rescue Mission in North Minneapolis

Rescue Mission in Northeast Minneapolis

Rescue Mission in North Minneapolis closes a three-part series from KG Wilson (episodes 2425). As always, this story had an impact on us. Our new friendship with KG threw us into a few unexpected adventures, introduced us to some new friends and breathed fresh inspiration into our storytelling. We didn’t plan any of that.

Isn’t that just like God? As he takes us through life, it’s not like he gives us a map. We just take the next step in front of us as he unfolds his plan. Somehow, it almost seems that if you don’t take that step you may miss out on an adventure.

We met KG through our friend Tamara who shared a great story back in episode 5. Partnering with KG opened a whole new world of seeing God at work. It’s also led us to new friendships. And that means new stories to record. We’re really excited about what we have planned.

We’ll tell you more about that in another podcast. Today’s podcast starts with KG describing an encounter with a young lady trapped in heroin addiction. The overdose death of her friend catapulted her toward desperately seeking answers. God ultimately freed her right there on the street with KG.

KG started by simply asking what she was looking for. You can see this encounter on the video posted in the show notes. KG asks, “Do you want to believe Christ for real today?” That question isn’t far from the one Jesus asked his disciples in Mark, chapter 8. “Who do you say that I am?” This is one of the key questions any of us must answer in life.

This story is deeply personal for KG. He admits that without Christ freeing him years earlier, he’d have been on the same path as this woman. He says he’s sure he’d have ended up a dead man. KG’s own story is what helps drive him to see others delivered by Jesus.

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