About Us: Long Story Short Podcast
God’s stories reveal his character and his ways. They exist so that we can learn to enjoy and trust him.

These podcasts are a tiny subset of the billions of stories God is telling daily. Throughout the Bible we see him actively involved in humanity. We started this website to demonstrate that God is not indifferent or passive, but active and intimately present every day. It’s our desire that these stories help you see God in your own life.

Brent & LisaBrent & Lisa
After publishing a blog for a few years, we decided to translate that love for stories to podcasting. We’re excited about the idea of inviting people to share their stories. Hearing how God is intimately reaching into humanity to transform, encourage, teach and speak to his people is just about the greatest thing ever. We’re humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to share in what he’s doing. We hope you’re as inspired as we are by the way his sometimes simple, sometimes very profound message weaves through ordinary people’s lives.

What We Believe
If we visited a website that shared stories of faith, our first question would be, “What do these people believe?” While it doesn’t encompass our entire belief system, here’s what we believe in a nutshell: We believe in one God who created all things and has existed eternally. He lives in unity as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is perfectly loving, just and powerful. In his grace, he planned from eternity to redeem people through his son, Jesus. This story is told in his inspired Word, the Bible. We are to seek him, follow him and point to him in how we live our lives. As imperfect as our lives are, we pray that our stories bring him glory.

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