24: Tragedy on Speed Dial

Tragedy on Speed DialWe picked up Kay G to record a three-part series. He warned us that he was on call. If a shooting should take place, he’d need to hit the road and be there for any families and neighbors affected. Talk about an an eye-opening conversation. We began to get the picture that these calls were all but rare. Like tragedy was on his speed dial. We wondered about the children who live with the threat of violence on a daily basis.

Kay G Wilson’s life is one of those stories. You know, the kind where God turns painful, harsh circumstances upside down and inside out until the person is transformed with deep passion for him and his people. Having had a childhood full of brokenness, torture and messages that called him worthless, it was little surprise that he ended up homeless, longing for a sense of family and a place to belong. Initially, that longing landed him in a street gang and entangled in a trap of drugs and violence

At the bottom of a pit of depression, Kay G awoke on a park bench in Minneapolis. He had laid there so long that squirrels ran across his disheveled body. In desperation, he cried out to God who delivered him from what was holding his soul hostage. That’s when he instantly knew his life was meant for something else.

Today Kay G’s life is dedicated to reaching out to those who are trapped much as he had been. He takes it to the streets, particularly places that most of us avoid. These streets are littered with drugs, prostitution, poverty and violence. In contrast, he delivers God’s story of hope where things seem anything but hope-filled. His personal story is evidence that God still is in the business of miracles.

When tragedy does strike the local community, Kay G often makes a call to come together in prayer and solidarity. We open this episode with Kay G giving us a tutorial on these street vigils.

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