14: Stretched Like a Rubber Band

The Reis FamilyThe friends in this podcast have a house full of kids. When they invited us over for dinner, we naturally anticipated some chaos. It was anything but. We were amazed at how respectful and well-mannered the children were. The older ones chipped in with dinner preparations without prompting. The younger ones quickly won our hearts.

Most of us may fear that taking on just one foster child would demand every ounce of expendable time and energy. Somehow Bob and Julie seem to have moved past that kind of “logical” thinking and have now expanded their family into the double digits.

As we listened to their story, we thought about how so many people have things they either feel called to do in life or dreams they wish they had time to accomplish. Typically we’re inclined to feel like conditions have to be near perfect to us to move ahead.

Bob and Julie’s experience turns that kind of thinking upside down. In fact, many of their foster children arrived during less than ideal circumstances. And yet, even as they’ve felt stretched like a rubber band, there’s no doubt that God’s power and provision more than outweighed the difficulties. His presence seemed all the more evident because of the challenges.

How about you?
We’re wondering if you might be contemplating following God into some new places in life. Maybe circumstances seem too daunting. We’re praying with you for supernatural wisdom that floods you with courage to do whatever it is he is leading you toward. May God give you clarity and creativity that rises above the challenges and reveals him all the more.

And we’re praying for those of you who are opening your home to children. It’s clearly not always easy. But seeing God pour peace and joy into the lives of children who started out life in such difficulty brought new meaning to the laughter and smiles we saw in this family.

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