20: Road Trip to Revival – Part 1

Road Trip to Revival

As Brent and I planned a recent road trip, we learned it would take us through Jewl’s city. She had posted a few travel suggestions on Facebook and even offered to let us spend the night. That’s when God impressed on me to invite her to pray about sharing a story on the podcast. I had no idea what the story might be, but God did and he worked out a way for our schedules match up.

Our brief meeting lasted just a few hours as we reconnected over dinner. It was the kind of conversation when you feel there’s purpose even if you don’t understand everything about why.

Originally, we assumed we’d need to edit out parts of her story due to its length. We prayed about it and really wrestled. We even called a friend, asking for advice and prayer. The next morning, our pastor’s message clinched it. Unbeknownst to him he even quoted some of the scripture Jewl referred to. Over and over, we got confirmation to leave the message much as is and turn it into two parts.

As you listen, think about your own road trip with God. Like Jewl, have there been times when you’ve felt like God was leaving you hanging. You know, when you sense, on the one hand, that he’s at work somehow. On the other hand, it’s mysterious and it feels unclear. Maybe you even wrestle with faith. Just like the psalmist, we may have times of waiting for God (Psalm 40).

The deal is, God never shows up with predictability. So often there are loose ends that require faith, prayer and humility. That’s pretty much where Jewl is at the end of part one of this story. Listen to Roadtrip to Revival and then stay tuned for part two to hear how God shows up at Wheaton.

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