8: Dare to Love?

BLtoOlin_2_400x400We found ourselves a bit weary of death by the end of January.

One friend lost his father after a long bout with illness. Another lost her brother-in-law unexpectedly. A dear woman from church lost her battle with a long-term medical condition. Several co-workers lost loved ones and we have parents and friends facing very serious illnesses. And while it may be hard to explain to those who aren’t pet lovers, we also had to say goodbye to a sweet cat that Brent had for 18 years.

One of the reasons death is such an uncomfortable topic is that it goes against everything that we are. After all, God created us to live. And yet we live with the tension between knowing that his eternal Spirit lives in us and knowing that at some point we will die. We were never meant to live with that tension.

Death almost taunts life. It taunts love. Deciding not to love is the safest route. Do you dare to love?

Share this podcast along with the articles listed below with others. Use them to open the door to good discussions.
– “It’s Ok to Talk About Joan” by Kenneth C. Haugk, Ph.D.
– “Living a Love Story Cut Short by ALS,” by Cathy Wurzer

Books and music referenced in this episode:
– “Walking on Water,” Madeleine L’Engle.
– “Your Life in Christ,” George MacDonald.
– Bumper Music: Sons of Avi (Les Elias).

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