7: The Darkness Strikes Back part 2

The Darkness Strikes Back part 2Les grew up near Liverpool in the UK. He was a police officer for 22 years and a missionary in Romania. He’s discovered that God uses even the most difficult times of our lives.

In our previous podcast, you heard part one of Les’ story. We were sitting around the dinner table with him and his wife. He talked about the abuse afflicted on him as a child. Those shades of a dark past continued to follow him into his marriage and profession.

So, listening to Les’ story, you might ask, “What’s the point?” Why tell these painful stories? As we recorded this podcast it was new year’s eve. You’re probably familiar with Facebook’s “Year in Review.” Long Story Short Podcast reminds us that life is deeper than a cute highlight film where everything is picture perfect. The truth is that deeper relationships require openness about our pain and suffering. As we do that, we’re vulnerable, but available to receive help and healing.

The interesting thing is that almost immediately upon telling his story, Les told us he felt a cleansing and affirmation that was healing. It was difficult, but a necessary part of the healing process. Healing also came through key conversations, his love for music, a caring community and encounters with God. How has God brought healing in your life?

We’re inspired to pray for each of our storytellers, ourselves, the podcast and you our listeners. If you’re moved to do so, we’d be grateful for your prayers as well.

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