5: From Bean Soup to Babies


We’re excited to share our first female story teller on the podcast. God’s fingerprints are all over the stories Tamara tells. If you listen close, you’ll recognize the intimacy of a life with him. The more of these stories you come across in life and the more you step into conversation with him yourself, the more you realize how very close God is. That’s not to say he’s predictable of course. Life with God is anything but predictable, but as a friend of ours is known to say, “He’s as close as the very breath you breathe.”

Tamara’s blog, “My Blonde Life in the Hood,” will tell you she holds degrees in French, English and Communication from the University of North Dakota and for years, she worked with adults with developmental disabilities. She’s a freelance writer and since 2012, she and her family have hosted 18 children in crisis. This is her family’s short story of how God led them into this adventure.

Since Tamara’s story involves children, we will end the podcast with Les Elias singing Child’s Lullaby.

But before we get there, you’ll also find out how God led us to Tamara and her family’s story by way of Tamara’s Black Bean & Salsa Soup. Here’s the recipe:

Bean & Salsa Soup
About 4 servings

2 cans black beans, drained/rinsed
1½ C vegetable broth
1 C salsa
1 tsp cumin
Salt & pepper, to taste
Sour cream, sliced green onion, shredded cheese for garnish

Combine beans, broth, salsa and cumin in a food processor. Blend until fairly smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Heat soup in a saucepan over medium heat until thoroughly heated. Add garnish as desired.

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  • Mary Slessor (African Okoyong tribe)
  • Bruce Olson (Motilone Indians in South America)
  • Amy Carmichael (India)

Bumper Music: Sons of Avi