22: Beyond a Good Life

Beyond a Good Life

Hey podcast listeners, we have another long story that we’ve boiled down to a few minutes for you. Today’s episode is entitled “Beyond a Good Life.”

Our friend Ray tells us he’s been blessed with “a good life.” But years ago he felt pressed to pray for more than that. He believed there was more to the life God wanted for him. So he fervently prayed for years!

Over and over, he wondered when he would finally hear an answer.

Have you waited for God to answer a prayer? I mean like really waited? For Ray, not only did he wait for years, there was also a heavy dose of spiritual dryness thrown in to boot!

So what happens when you get to a place where you may be satisfied with what you’re doing or what you’ve accomplished, but you’re wondering, “Maybe God has something more for me?” Yet when you begin praying, all you hear are crickets chirping or the sound of wind in the trees.

Before you listen to Ray’s story, we just have to mention what struck us most about our time with Ray was his genuine interest in our own story. Our purpose was to record his story, but he ended up asking us as many questions about our lives as we asked him. We get the impression we’re not the only ones who experience this authenticity with Ray.

His encouragement and counsel over the podcast is meaningful to us and we won’t forget it. We believe God can use Ray’s story to speak into your unique time of waiting on God. And thanks Ray for your encouragement to keep listening to God and continuing the podcasts.

“How grateful I am to God for answering my prayer.” -Ray

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Photography: Karin Heitzman