18: A Story Pulls Up in a Cab

Beth's Story
If you’re an avid follower of Long Story Short Podcast, you’ve seen us experiment with story-telling methods. Some people are more comfortable sharing a story in an essay-like manner. Others do better working from a simple outline. We’ve also dabbled with interviews. Today’s story pulled up in a cab.

Not long before we recorded this podcast, we had talked about how great it would be to collect stories that are less planned out. The next thing you know, our friend Beth showed up and a story unfolded right in our driveway while we weren’t even home. While she later relayed the story, it became clear this was one of those times to be spontaneous. So, Brent grabbed the recorder.

All that was quite a few months ago. Unsure how we’d put together this spontaneous story, we delayed publishing. Then last weekend God prompted us to pick it up and as we did, the topic started to click.

Beth’s story seemed to make the message our pastor shared that morning come alive. He spoke about something called the “Principle of Best.” We understood it to mean that there are many good things to do in a day, but if we ask God to show us he’ll reveal what’s truly best.

Beth is someone who illustrates this rhythm in life beautifully. She prioritizes looking for the work of the Holy Spirit around her. In fact, she sees life as a treasure hunt–one where your eyes are wide open, watching for God. That day at our home was no different.

One of the things we love about Beth is that she has a posture of humility toward the voice of God. This makes her unencumbered by a lot of the pretensions of society. Her focus is more on hearing God than being worried about prestige and possessions. Her love for him empowers her to do what she does every day. Spend any time with Beth and you quickly recognize her relationship with him goes well beyond a Sunday morning experience. As she says, “It makes day-to-day life really fun.”

Don’t miss the other character’s in Beth’s story–both the cab driver and the woman could be people who the world disdains. And yet she met them with dignity and she led Robert to the feet of Jesus.

We personally learn so much through these podcasts. While we’re putting them together, we’re discussing and praying about everything from theology to relationships to cultural trends. And as it all weaves together, God unfolds some new life lessons. We hope he does that for you too as you listen.

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