10: A Story Big Enough to Live In – Part 1

A Story Big Enough to Live InPodcast #10 is a change up from previous episodes. We were invited to lead a four-week series we’re calling “A Story Big Enough to Live In.” This podcast episode is part one of a condensed summary of our notes from the class. This material may be helpful for anyone interested in learning more about identifying and telling their story.

The foundation for this class material and the value in storytelling itself is rooted in Scripture. Our theme verse for the class is Psalm 96:3. This passage instructs us to “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.” (NLT)

What we take from that directive is that we’re called to share how God is at work in the world and in our lives. That’s, in fact, what this podcast is all about. But the next question is “So, what is God up to?” And then we want to know “What is our role in that story?” Finally it leads us to ask, “How do we tell that story?” And how do we tell it well?

These are all themes we’re covering in this four-week class and podcast series.

What about your story? Our lives mirror the bigger story arch. Recognizing this helps us see purpose. What happens when you see glimpses of God’s bigger story in your life? Don’t you feel differently about your circumstances? Doesn’t it bring confidence and hope, even in difficult times. The more we see life this way, the more we look for God and we anticipate his presence. The enemy would rather we see our lives as insignificant and haphazard – disconnected from the “Redemption Story.”

Come take a journey together, as we investigate more of what it means to inhabit “A Story Big Enough To Live In.”

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