21: Road Trip to Revival – Part 2

Road Trip to RevivalWe’ve heard from a few listeners wondering when this episode would air so they could hear the conclusion of Jewl’s story. In part 1, she talked about responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to learn about revival. In that process, God changed the direction for a campus recruitment road trip to Wheaton College. When we left off there was mystery mingled in excitement for what he might do.

The question we posed in part one was “Have you ever felt like God left you hanging in mystery even as you believed he was at work?” Initially, that may sound a bit unbiblical since we know God promises never to leave us. But stop and think of all the examples in the Bible of people who were prompted by God to take action, even when he didn’t provide the entire script ahead of time. Recall Abraham, Joseph, John the Baptist. The list goes on and on.

In part 2 you hear Jewl share how God led her to do some things that didn’t make sense at the time. She wrestled, wondered and waited. It wasn’t until much later that he revealed how those actions would prepare her for what was ahead.

Jewl’s story inspires us at two levels. 1. When prompted by the Holy Spirit we want to step out boldly in faith, not waiting for all the answers to unfold. 2. When revival comes, it isn’t necessarily a spectacle but more likely a somber, deep work of the Holy Spirit within his people. So, what do you think about revival? Are you praying for it? Tune-in with Jewl and see how her experience at Wheaton transformed her expectations.

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